transport & storage

  • Transporting bulky or heavy items to Madeira has become a much more difficult task since the Armas ferry from Portimao stopped docking at Funchal regularly in early 2012. After that everything had to “containerised”, or more expensively, air-freighted.
  • If you plan to have the exclusive use of a 20ft or 40ft container shipped directly to Madeira this can be arranged from any location. However, if you want to send a “part-load” from Europe we can organise shipment through specialist companies who freight by road to mainland Portugal and then across to Madeira Island (typically every 14-21 days). They will collect, package, and document the part-load and deliver it to an address you specify in Madeira. They also provide storage if required.
Transport and storage photos

storage photo

Increased storage facilities planned

  • We are  currently seeking to expand our storage facilities in Funchal to accommodate anything from a frequent visitor wanting to keep a set of golf clubs to somebody moving their house contents to or from Madeira